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For Infants to Seniors, Including:




Pediatric Exams:

• Free for 6-12 month olds, under the InfantSee Program

• For the early detection of conditions such as eye turns, lazy eyes, eye diseases

• More information:


• Vision analysis for prescription eyewear & contact lenses

• Corneal mapping (topography) to fit contact lenses and detect corneal disorders

  • Cataract evaluation & surgery co-management

• Glaucoma, macular degeneration, & diabetic eye disease testing & co-management

Including the use of the Cirrus HD-OCT: this cutting edge diagnostic system acquires

highly detailed, 3-D images of the retina to help detect and monitor for changes in

sight-threatening conditions.






Optomap ultra-widefield cutting edge retinal imaging providing:    
High resolution digital photography
of the back part (retina) of your eyes. Valuable in assessing your current eye health, and helpful to safeguard the health of specific structures of your eyes, such as optic nerve, macula, and internal blood vessels. Recommended for healthy patients, as well as those with pre-existing conditions, and we encourage our patients to have this procedure at their first visit to establish a point of reference for future examinations.
  • Early protection from vision impairment or    
  • Early detection of life-threatening diseases like    
    cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease    


Scleral contact lenses for conditions such as:
• Keratoconus
• Irregular corneas after LASIK or Radial Keratotomy (RK)
• High astigmatism with poor vision from soft contact lenses
• Severe dry eye syndrome




Evaluation & Treatment for:

• Computer eyestrain

• Dry eyes


• Laser vision correction consultation & surgery co-management

• Low vision evaluation


• Free eyeglass adjustments and repairs

• Frame styling to best fit your needs



• Foreign body removal

• Treatment for chemical burns, welding flashes, eye infections/pink eye


If your condition requires that you see a specialist, we will refer you to the appropriate professional.


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